EME 2022 speakers


Saturday opening ceremony OK1KIR (OK1DAK) – EME history in OK

List of registered lectures at the conference 

W1GHZ - Design of Optimized Cassegrain Antenna Systems

K2UYH – Offset Feeding Existing Big Dish on the Microwave Bands

G4DDK – Short update on VLNA

EB3FRN – VLNA 47 GHz 1,9 dB N/F

DL7YC – 47 GHz EME

G3WDG – WSJT-X on EME MW + Friday evening workshop 

OK1DFC  24GHz portable EME

SM6FHZ – Matching feed and dish

OK2AQ – Small offset dish and EME MW

PA2DW – Dwingeloo update

K6MG-N9JIM – “A 23/13 cm EME five state rover experience”

HB9DRI – Fixing of IC9700 drift problem

OM1AM + G4SJH – WRC-19 Outcome and Challenges related to Amateur and Amateur-satellite service+ Gallileo RNSS co-existence with Ham radio 23cm band

I0NAA – TotalPower SW

IU0IDY – Visual Moonbounce 2009–2020

XE1XA – Optimization of septum feed

PA0HRK - Low noise 100 MHz crystal oscillators


OK1DIX - EME 144 MHz

G4SWX & G4DML –Rethinking 144MHz EME Antennas