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LAST Update  – 12/08/2022 

We have prepared a video stream from the conference, expected to start tonight from the workshop on EME in 47 GHz band…0eE



Update  – 08/08/2022

Many of our friends who have been going to EME conferences regularly are unable to attend this year for various reasons. We have 136 confirmed attendees. 42 of our friends are unable to attend due to health, transportation issues, or the chaos at the airports in recent months. Some have been unable to be released from their jobs. So we are preparing a live video stream which we will be launching on Friday. I hope that those of you who are unable to attend and are interested in this issue will be able to watch the live stream of the 47 GHz EME worshop. This will be followed by live streaming of the Saturday and Sunday lecture tours. You will be able to watch the Saturday gala evening from a recording, as the venue does not have a fast enough internet connection. We will also try to get a chat room up and running so that you can ask any questions after the lectures. We will post all information, including the address to watch the video, on the EME website and Moon net during Friday.

Update  – 07/08/2022 

Address of Hotel: Top Hotel - Blazimska 1781/4, 149 00 Praha 4 – Chodov


GPS: 50°2'29.778"N, 14°29'47.558"E


By car from Brno: D1 – exit 1 Sporilov – Turkova street – at the lights go straight – after 80m turn right into Klapalkova street – take the first street on the right - TOP HOTEL Praha


Public Transport: metro route C in the direction of Haje to the Chodov station – transfer to Bus No. 115 to the stop Mestsky archiv (directly in front of the hotel)


Airport: Distance to airport – 19 km. From Václav Havel´s Airport takes the way 25 minutes by taxi. We arrange hotel taxi for the price from CZK 840.


UBER: if you use this service, it is possible to order in Prague via the phone app.



Update  – 04/08/2022 

Program and lectures


Update  – 03/08/2022 

We are seven days away from the start of the postponed EME conference. I would like to give you a few more details via email and the EME 2020 website.
1 – Registration for the EME conference will be taking place starting Thursday morning 11/08/2022 at the Top Hotel entrance. „EME2022 Registration“ signs will direct you to the registration table. The registration table is about 20m away from the hotel reception where you will arrange and pay for your accommodation if you have not already done so.
2 – Those of you who have not yet made payment of the conference fee via PayPal, Bank Transfer or GoPay will have the option to make payment of that amount using cash or credit card.
3 – At registration you will receive a bag with the conference logo and the items you have ordered in your conference package.
4 – On Thursday afternoon, a bus will leave at 16:30 local time with the participants of the Planetarium visit. There is an interesting program and you are also guaranteed a visit to the Apollo 11 lander. After 18:00, the bus will return to the Top Hotel.
5 – for those of you who have booked dinner for Thursday evening, it will be provided at the hotel, restaurant PRAHA


You will receive your badges at registration. We ask everyone to wear them visibly, as access to some of the places we have rented will only be possible with this badge. The inside of the badge contains the printed conference programme and the schedule of lectures. Please arrive and leave as early as possible for your chosen events, including departures to Pilsen, Kutná Hora or visits to Prague. You will also find phone numbers for OK1DIX and OK1DFC in case you need to contact us. There is also a number for the emergency services, which we firmly believe none of you will need.


If you need any further information, we will answer everything during registration.


We look forward to seeing you all and wish you a safe and peaceful journey to Prague.


on behalf of the organizing team Zdenek OK1DFC


Update  – 22/07/2022 


20 days until the start of the conference. Yesterday we had our last meeting and clarification meeting with the management of Top Hotel Prague. We have made payment for the ordered services, i.e. room rentals, food service during the conference and other things related to our conference. The hotel is fully prepared for our event and we hope that everything will go smoothly and to your full satisfaction.
To ensure your comfort, we have also arranged the possibility of a dinner for you who will be at the hotel already on Thursday 11.8.2022 As it is not possible to „cook a la card“ for such a number of people, the hotel offers the possibility to order a buffet dinner at the price of 14 EUR with a choice of three different types of food. So if you are interested in this kind of service and do not want to eat out on Thursday evening, please send an order for this service to Payment will be available during registration either by cash or credit card.
We would also like to inform you that upon arrival at the hotel, there will also be a conference registration desk right next to the hotel reception. Here you will also receive all the information about the conference and its proceedings. You will also receive a badge with your name and CALL which please carry visibly with you. It will provide you with access to the booked rooms and services.
All services are confirmed and lunched, so we think everything will be to your complete satisfaction. We look forward to seeing you all and wish you a safe journey to Prague.


Update  – 17/07/2022

25 days until the EME Conference 2022 in Prague. On our website there is an updated table with the schedule of lectures. We have ordered and prepaid all required services. Some services have been made more expensive, some have remained almost unchanged. The highest price increase was for transportation to our accompanying programs. I would like to inform you that a total of 135 people will be attending the conference, 24 people have cancelled their attendance for a variety of reasons. Over the next few days, I ask those attending the conference to watch the website where there will be information on hotel registration and some more details on how to get to the hotel, transportation from the airport, etc. We look forward to seeing everyone in Prague. 

Last CALL  – 27/06/2022

Greetings to all participants of EME Conference 2022 in Prague. There are only 3 days left until the end of registration !!! From 1.7.2022 registration is no longer possible, we have to pay deposits for the ordered services and submit the number of people for the ordered services.

To date we have 122 fully registered and confirmed conference attendees. There are 11 participants remaining who have expressed interest but have notmade a binding registration on our website. 26 registered participants cancelled their participation for various reasons or canceled their booked services. We are preparing the settlement for this week. According to the latest information from the service providers, transportation for the trips on Friday and Saturday will be more expensive. This is not a dramatic increase, due to the increase in diesel prices, transportation will be 10% more expensive than what we had offered in January 2020.

There will be one very important item on the agenda for discussion. As Dick PA2DW already wrote on Moon net, it is necessary to find some suitable compromise solution for coexistence with Gallileo system in 1296 MHz band. Barry G4SJH and Attila 4U1ITU will give a presentation on the issue. We anticipate a discussion on this topic, moderated by Dick PA2DW.

The conference program is in effect, details and schedule of presentations will be published after 15.07.2022.

The printing of the proceedings, especially the cost of paper and related items, has gone up 250% since 2020. It was decided that the proceedings will be published as a USB and distributed at the presentation.

So we look forward to seeing everyone in Prague in August. Have a safe trip and good luck.


Zdenek OK1DFC on behalf of EME 2022 team

News – 19/06/2022

Last ten days until the end of registrations. Please do not forget to register. We need to know service requirements, T-shirt size, etc. etc. 06/30/2022 is the last day to register. Thank you for your understanding.

News – 17/06/2022 

COVID-19 – Anti-epidemic protection measures in Czech republic: Due to the major improvement in the epidemic situation, most of the nationwide emergency measures of the Ministry of Health have been lifted. Partial measures for the health, hospitals and social care segment remain in force.

For more information, please consult the website of the Ministry of Health and the website of the relevant regional health station. A summary of the current measures can be found on the Covid portal.

The conference is 56 days away.

  1. There are still officially unregistered participants in the list of conference participants. If you really want to attend the conference, you must select and submit the completed service requirements in the registration form.
  2. Change made in the program. Due to low participation from those interested in operating in the 144 MHz band, this entire section has been moved under the „432 MHz & above“ section and will not be a separate group on Saturday morning.
  3. We still have two 30 minute slots left in the conference program. If they are not used for talks, we will spread this time out to allow for discussions after the talks already announced. If anyone is still interested, be sure to use the „CALL FOR PAPERS“

Travel informations to and out of OK land – 15/06/2022

A negative COVID test before departure is no longer mandatory for travel to the USA from Schengen countries – 19 Effective Sunday, June 12, 2022, the U.S. has eliminated the requirement to have a negative test for COVID-19 when traveling by air to the U.S. Further details are available on the U.S. CDC portal. However, the test remains recommended. There is still a requirement to be fully vaccinated against COVID- 19 for entry to the U.S. Anyone who has completed a 1 or 2 dose schedule depending on the type of vaccine is considered fully vaccinated. Detailed information on accepted vaccinations, vaccine combinations, and disease history here. Care must be taken to ensure that your EU COVID digital certificate is valid for the duration of your stay in the USA and is valid until your expected return to the country. Before you travel, check the COVID-19 conditions applied by the country of transit and the airline you will be travelling with.

To enter the US, you will also need to present:

ESTA electronic approval for short trips up to 90 days, otherwise a valid visa. For all other visas, for all other documents, click here for more information.

Biometric passport.

A completed attestation.



For departures from Prague airport with more advance notice Prague Airport is expecting a strong summer season and therefore recommends arriving at check-in with more time to spare, namely:


min. 2.5 hours for flights within Europe,

min. 3 hours in advance for long-haul flights.


There may also be delays due to more time-consuming screening of other passengers who are not sufficiently prepared for screening or the presence of prohibited articles. Travel to the airport may also be complicated by current traffic restrictions in Prague. Information on how to prepare for a smooth check-in and security check at the airport can be found here. Airports across Europe are experiencing staff shortages, which also lengthens the process of all pre-departure procedures. Therefore, we recommend arriving at the airport before departure with more time to spare than usual, not just at Prague airport.


Information on making reservations and payments – 14/06/2022


As the agreement to accept payments with GoPay is very lengthy and would place an unnecessary financial burden on us, we will continue to proceed as follows.


  1. It has been agreed with the hotel management that they will accept all your registrations submitted on our registration form  and no payment is required in advance. The hotel management believes that all registrations will either be processed on the dates booked or cancelled at least 72 hours prior to the event. Payment for accommodation is therefore possible directly upon arrival at the hotel reception in the form of cash or credit card. The hotel accepts all types of credit cards, only American express is not accepted.
  2. Conference registration. We have decided to follow the same procedure for payment of conference fees. Registration via our registration website is required. 
  3. Payment is still possible via PayPal, please remember that the net amount of the registration fee must be credited to our account. If you choose a form of payment with a fee deduction on our side, you will have to pay the difference at registration. 
  4. Furthermore, payment via bank transfer remains valid. This is the cheapest in the EU for so-called SEPA payments. Please indicate this payment even if you will make the payment upon arrival at check-in. You must select this option to confirm your registration.
  5. GoPay is not valid for the above reasons.

Payment by card or cash at the conference registration upon arrival in Prague. 

All bookings and orders made through the EME Conference booking system from 01/01/2020 until now ARE VALID !!!! 

We hope that this will simplify everything and eliminate any problems with payments. Thank you for your understanding.

EME & MW meeting – POLAND – 08/06/2022

  1. 60th General Meeting of the Polish VHF Clubs Association
    21st Technical Meeting of UKF

    Stanislaw SP6GWB ( , Andrzej SP6JLW ( , Jacek SP6OPN ( cordially invite the participants of the International EME Conference in Prague also to attend the EME and MW meeting which will take place next weekend 19–21/08/2022 in Poland. Detailed information about the meeting can be found on our website.


CALL for papers – 07/06/2022

  1. Today I received another contribution to the LECTURES category from Hark PA0HRK. If anyone else has any more submissions ready, please send them in so that we can wrap everything up by 15/07/2022 and work out the lecture schedule.
    Thank you


Accomodation – 06/06/2022

  1. first of all, I would like to point out that the Top Hotel reservation for the 2020 EME Conference remains valid for 2022. It was already announced in 2020, when we launched the reservation, that we guarantee the reservation as long as it is made through our reservation system on this line:
    If you have chosen another way yourself, such as,, or or so, then we have no way of communicating with these booking portals !!!! Only YOU can make date changes and reservations. 
    So again. 
    All bookings and orders made through the EME Conference booking system from 01/01/2020 until now ARE VALID !!!!

Update on accommodation during the EME 2022 conference in Prague – 22/05/2022


  1. All EME conference and accommodation bookings at the Top Hotel made after 01.01.2020 to date remain valid.

  2. Last week we had a meeting with the operations department of Top Hotel PRAHA, where we clarified all the information on accommodation for the participants of the International EME Conference 2022 in Prague 12 – 14 August 2022. The hotel management kept the same price offer for accommodation in „Executive SUPERIOR“ rooms. Order accommodation by clicking on the registration and at the bottom of the accommodation reservation. There is a downloadable form on the page. When ordering, please quote the password " EME2020" If you are unsure, you can contact the accommodation department directly by phone +420 – 267284260 or by email The last date for booking this form is 15.7.2022. If you are interested in another form of booking, you can use or web. However, there is no guaranteed price. However, you can also book the cheaper „Standard“ version of the accommodation through these sites. For the rooms in our reservation you have the hotel's wellness centre included in the price.


More information regarding the accompanying trips in next week's newsletter.


As new participants are registering for the conference, We are summarizing some information here – 17/05/2022


  1. Several of our EME friends had to cancel their planned participation in the conference for various reasons.
  2. The economic situation in the world and in OK is changing day by day, but we are still working to provide 100% of everything we need.
  3. The organizing team is now again, for the third time, finalizing all parts of the conference and we hope that nothing will prevent the conference from taking place on the date indicated.
  4. The COVID situation has calmed down.
  5. Czech airlines have resumed direct flights between the Czech Republic and the United States of America.
  6. Franta OK1CA will have all the prices for the transport of the accompanying programs agreed next week.
  7. For now, the hotel is keeping the same prices as in 2020.
  8. In the next days we will specify further details.
  9. To date, we have 130 registered conference participants.
Please stay tuned, we will post further information on registration and participation here in the coming days. Thank you for your understanding. 


 Appearance of the site its header and original information about EME conference 2020 are unchangeable, because as you know our web master and friend Petr OK1AXH SK. We don't have the source code to fix the current look and we don't have the capacity to create a new site. Therefore, the look is as it is, but the information will still be fresh. Thanks for understanding.

17. 5. 2022The date of the Conference is definitively set at – of August 2022


8. 3. 2022EME 2022 Prague on 12. - 14.08.2022

The new date of the conference has been set for – of August 2022


Welcome to all visitors of the Prague 2022 EME conference website. As you know, the COVID pandemic has moved us two years forward and we are currently facing another problem and that is the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and the war conflict that Eastern Europe is currently experiencing. We are working to complete and resume all the planned events according to the conference schedule. At the moment we are still waiting to see what will happen with prices as everything has increased dramatically in price over the last few months. Fuel alone has gone from 34 CZK to 48 CZK per litre of petrol and that is an increase of about 0.5 USD to date. We are working on the conference and will continue to keep you updated via our website. Thank you for your understanding.


30. 5. 2020COVID19 change the date of conference

Information on the EME conference 2020 in Prague II. 12. – 14.08.2022
Hello EME gang, 
I'm calling in after a long time. I'm just about to finish the isolation after COVID19. Thank God I didn't catch him until after the first dose of vaccination, and my doctor had Bamvilibimab put in the next day, but I still had a week of fever and felt like a whipped dog. At present, I can do an hour or two of concentrated work and then I have to rest. But I hope it will be better next week. That's just to start off, that Chinese crap might be a problem.
In terms of EME 2020. Considering all things, the EME 2020 team proposes one more move up to 2022. There are several things that lead us to this proposal.
1 – the hotels will only open gradually from June and according to the operating lady from the Top Hotel, there is no certainty that they will operate at 100% in August
2 – travel and COVID mutations. There is currently a problem with the Indian mutation. It may look like Pfizer is working on it, but from the point of view of many countries, it's not sure how it's going to be in the summer with travel
3 – the same situation for airlines, the US still has not allowed free travel to the EU. Same with AU.
4 – earlier today, doubts began to arise about the Tokyo Olympics. The same problems as above and this has different means available to the Olympic team than our EME2020 team.
5 – population vaccination coverage at 75% is not expected until autumn 2021
Another problem that is starting to emerge after the loosening up is a price increase of 15–20% in restaurants and services. I'm sure you watch it in your countries, too. But that will be a question when we discuss all the services ordered. The hotel is holding the line.
Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you in 2022. We still think it makes sense to organise such conferences in such a way that personal meetings and joint discussions can take place.
More details on our EME conference web soon.
Your comments are welcome.

Zdenek – OK1DFC and team EME2020



21. 2. 2020WSJT-X workshop

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