30. 5. 2020COVID19 change the date of conference

Information on the EME conference 2020 in Prague II.
Hello EME gang, 
I'm calling in after a long time. I'm just about to finish the isolation after COVID19. Thank God I didn't catch him until after the first dose of vaccination, and my doctor had Bamvilibimab put in the next day, but I still had a week of fever and felt like a whipped dog. At present, I can do an hour or two of concentrated work and then I have to rest. But I hope it will be better next week. That's just to start off, that Chinese crap might be a problem.
In terms of EME 2020. Considering all things, the EME 2020 team proposes one more move up to 2022. There are several things that lead us to this proposal.
1 – the hotels will only open gradually from June and according to the operating lady from the Top Hotel, there is no certainty that they will operate at 100% in August
2 – travel and COVID mutations. There is currently a problem with the Indian mutation. It may look like Pfizer is working on it, but from the point of view of many countries, it's not sure how it's going to be in the summer with travel
3 – the same situation for airlines, the US still has not allowed free travel to the EU. Same with AU.
4 – earlier today, doubts began to arise about the Tokyo Olympics. The same problems as above and this has different means available to the Olympic team than our EME2020 team.
5 – population vaccination coverage at 75% is not expected until autumn 2021
Another problem that is starting to emerge after the loosening up is a price increase of 15–20% in restaurants and services. I'm sure you watch it in your countries, too. But that will be a question when we discuss all the services ordered. The hotel is holding the line.
Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing you in 2022. We still think it makes sense to organise such conferences in such a way that personal meetings and joint discussions can take place.
More details on our EME conference web soon.
Your comments are welcome.

Zdenek – OK1DFC and team EME2020


Information on the EME conference 2020 in Prague I.

Dear OMs, as promised in March we provide information on the current state of preparation of the EME 2020 conference in Prague. As you all know, due to COVID19, traveling has been greatly reduced and many of you may not be able to come. Generally the situation regarding the COVID19 is good in the Czech Republic and from June 15th it will be possible to travel freely across the border. Also as of June, up to 300 people are allowed to rally at one place. We have everything ready, including lectures and press proceedings. So nothing prevents us from holding the conference, but…
As very few of us are expected to be able to attend, the organizing committee decided, after considering all the pros and cons, to postpone the conference until next year. The date is therefore changed to 19.8.– 22.8.2021. We have negotiated with the hotel and other companies that help us with the conference. The outcome of the negotiations is as following:

  1. Top Hotel leaves your booking in effect and only adjusts the date of your bookings. It also leaves all prices without change as set for this year. So there is no change in the price of the conference fee.
  2. The transport company and the accompanying program companies will change our dates for 2021, but prices are not yet agreed. We hope they will not change. In the event of a price change, it will certainly not be a dramatic increase and we would agree on a payment change for already registered participants individually. We have everything carefully registered.
  3. Everything else remains as planned in 2020 and we will be refining the details on our website

We hope you will understand the change and we'll see you in 2021. Most of us are already in the 60+ age group, which is fundamentally affected by COVID19. This was also one of the reasons why we decided to make this change. We look forward to seeing you in 2021.

On behalf of organization committee

Zdenek OK1DFC

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